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Mavis Garapo picture

Mavis Garapo

From Zimbabwe

After so many years of hunting for employment, and without lucky,my cousin working in South Africa encouraged me to start buying and selling products, I took his advice. My life changed for greatness when I saw Alaska Trading on Facebook. The products are good quality, and cheap, which increased my sales by far compared to my previous suppliers.Today I recommend Alaska to everyone who wants to start business especially youths who hardly find employment and everyone who is hungry to Improve their businesses.

Surprise Zintle Maseko picture

Surprise Zintle Maseko


Initially I just wanted side hustle and guess what? Alaska Trading changed everything, with and by them, I am growing from strength to strength.With my salary I wouldn't get any far but today I own a big house and m driving my dream car. I used all my savings and gave birth to a beautiful life I have ever loved. Alaska I salute you. 

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